QUIZ - 6

  1. Buchholz relay is used in-
    • Oil cooled Transformer
      Air cooled Transformer
      Transmission Line

  2. Buchholz relay operates on the principle of-
    • over current
      over voltage
      Over power

  3. Buchholz relay is installed-
    • Between of transformer tank and conservator
      in the Conservator
      in the Main tank
      in the Reservoir

  4. Buchholz relay is used for protection of transformer from
    • The flow of excessively high current
      Low level of oil in main tank
      Both (a) and (b)
      Excessive high voltage

  5. Buchholz relay is-
    • Safety device
      Control device
      Generating device
      Electrical instrument

  6. How do we test Buchholz relay during maintenance
    • Generate air bubbles with pump and force it to Buchholz relay
      Reduce oil level in Buchholz relay
      Both (a) & (b)
      None of these

  7. Buchholz relay is used to protect from
    • All internal faults of transformer
      All external faults of transformer
      Both (a) and (b)
      None of these

  8. Buchholz relay protects a transformer from
    • Winding to ground fault
      Winding to winding fault
      Turn to turn fault
      All of these

  9. Minimum operating time of Buchholz relay is
    • 0.1 Second
      1 Second
      2 Second
      0.5 Second

  10. Average operating time of Buchholz relay is
    • 1 Second
      0.2 Second
      0.1 Second
      5 Second