QUIZ - 9

  1. A transmission line of length more than 160 Km and line voltage higher 100 kV then it is called:
    • Short Transmission line
      Medium Transmission line
      Long Transmission line
      None of these

  2. If the overhead transmission line is loaded with the loading equal to the surge impedance, then the voltage at receiving end is:
    • Greater than the sending end
      Less than the sending end
      Equals to the sending end
      None of these

  3. The paramters of a transmission line for exact solution are:
    • Distributed parameters
      Lumped parameters
      mixed parameters
      None of these

  4. The value of charging current at the receiving end of the transmission line is:
    • Zero
      Equal to load current
      None of these

  5. The square root of the ratio of line impedance to its shunt admittance is called:
    • Regulation of the transmission line
      Surge impedance of the transmission line
      Conductance of the transmission line
      Surge admittance of the transmission line

  6. If the receiving end voltage is greater than the sending end voltage, regulation of transmission line is:
    • Positive
      None of these

  7. The charging current in the transmission line:
    • lags the voltage by 90˚
      leads the voltage by 45˚
      leads the voltage by 90˚
      leads the voltage by 180˚

  8. The reflection coefficient of an open-ended transmission line is:
    • 1.0

  9. Ferranti effect is experienced on a long overhead transmission lines when it is:
    • Lightly loaded
      fully load at unity pf
      fully load at 0.8 p.f. lag
      none of the above

  10. The power loss in a transmission line due to charging current is:
    • Ic2R